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Steering Group

The eight EU‐Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany (Baden‐
Würtenberg and Bavaria), Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia, in consultation
with the Non‐Member States from the Danube Region: Bosnia‐Herzegovina, Croatia,
Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine and Serbia,
on the basis of the following documents:
- Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the
European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of Regions (8.12.2010.,
COM(2010) 715 final);
- Accompanying Action Plan of the European Commission (8.12.2010., SEC(2010) 1489);
- European Parliament Resolution of 21 January 2010 on a European Strategy for the
Danube Region (P7_TA‐PROV (2010)0008);
- Council Conclusions on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (3083rd
General Affairs Council meeting, Brussels, 13 April 2011), and;
- Guidance to the Priority Area Coordinators of the European Commission – DG REGIO

have agreed on establishing a Steering Group (SG) for the
implementation of Priority Area 5 “Management of environmental risks” (PA5) of the European Union Danube Region Strategy (EUSDR) coordinated by the Priority Area Coordinators (PACs) designated by Hungary and Romania.

The SG shall be set up at the first SG meeting, held after the delegation of
members/observers by the Member and Non‐Member States from the Danube
Region, interested in the implementation of PA5.
The SG has the competence to create subcommittees and working groups, to deal
with specific tasks having a clear and time‐limited mandate.

Members of the SG are appointed by the 14 Member and Non‐Member States
through the National Contact Points. Each State is entitled to delegate maximum two
members (one member and one substitute member) in the SG. A state can opt for
not delegating any member to the SG. PACs are also considered members.

The Secretariat of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube
Region (ICPDR Secretariat) has a special status within the Steering Group as a
permanent observer, being invited to all Steering Group meetings.

The representatives of the European Commission ‐ DG REGIO, DG ENVIRONMENT and
DG CLIMA – are permanent invitees to the Steering Group meetings.

Actors interested in the implementation of PA5 can attend Steering Group meetings
upon invitation, and if necessary, based on the issues on the agenda, as ad‐hoc
observers, i.e.: stakeholders from the civil society, institutions representing potential
financial instruments, Project Leaders of Flagship and/or Potential Flagship Projects,
PACs of other macro-regional strategies of EU and PACs of other Priority Areas from the
EUSDR (especially under its 2nd Pillar).

The PACs shall chair the meetings according to the rotation principle.