DTP Seed Money Facility call is open with different conditio

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DTP Seed Money Facility call is open with different conditions of EUSDR PAs

Posted by Viktor Oroszi, Friday, 3rd November 2017 @ 12:17 pm

On the 2nd October 2017, a call for proposals for the Seed Money Facility has been launched by the DTP. The deadline for submitting the seed money project is on the 7th December 2017. Prior the project submission applicants shall send the proposal to the relevant EUSDR Priority Area Coordinator in order to receive the compulsory signed Declaration of Alignment.

In case of Priority Area 5 - Environmental Risks the deadline of arrival of the data sheet (exported in .pdf format from the eMS system) is 13th of November in 2017. Please send your mails to "Danube.Envirisks@mfa.gov.hu" address with copy to the priority area coordinators.

PA 5 defined topics:
5-1. Coordinate the operative flood management and civil protection plans
5-2. Safety of the critical water infrastructure on shared river basins, contingency planning for failure (havaria management)
5-3. Basin/Sub-basin wide technical/professional) water resource management masterplans
5-4. Improve the capacities to tackle accidental pollution risk at the transboundary, regional and basin level

For the Priority Area it is vital to know what the content of your proposal is and what is going to be delivered by the future transnational project. In order to get aware of the information PA coordination would like to receive an export format of the (partly) completed form from the eMS system. It is understood that not all the details shall be ready until the 13th of November (missing e.g. budgetary issues, proper partner details or worksflow etc.), but the main aims and targets of the project should be clear. The thematic focus should not be modified afterwards.

Prioirty Area 5 will need at least 15 days to evaluate that the content of the proposal is whether in line with the given thematic topics or not and to make a decision and send the signed Declaration of Alignment to the project Lead Partner.

We suggest to get in contact with the coordination prior to the deadline or send a concept note in advance. It is our intention to assist all the candidates for the programme but it requires mutual collaboration from the potential project partners as well. Thank you for your interest and wish you a successfull application!