LAkes and REservoirs in the DAnube River Basin

Along the Danube River and on its tributaries, there are several reservoirs, dams and lakes available for different purposes (water storage and retention). Reservoirs have great impact on flood risk management, in case of coordinated operation they contribute to flood peak reduction. The planned LAREDAR Project's results would be a permanent cooperation of national-level operational management systems for optimizing the management of dams and reservoirs for an optimal flood propagation. Regarding to the impacts of climate change (for example heavy rain, flash flood),  it has a significant importance to use reservoirs for water retention in case of low water periods to mitigate the negative effects of drought as an integrated element of the project. LAREDAR Project is planned to be realized in the whole Danube River Basin which is in the geographical scope of the EUSDR. The project results' contribute to the implementation of EUSDR PA 5 and the Danube Flood Risk Management Plan.

The main target of the project is to review the reservoirs, dams and lakes available for water storage with cross-border influence and the mapping of them. Project partners make survey on reservoirs and a hydrological evaluation of possible events (for example levee break). An IT-based platform for continuous change of information is a concrete target of the project.


Project Duration: 01.01.2020 - 30.06.2022

Project Budget: 2,500,000 EUR

Lead partner: Middle Tisza District Water Directorate (HUN)

Number of partners: 4 PP (HU, SK, SRB, UA), 5 ASP

Targeted: Danube Transnational Programme