The DAMWARM+ project (Drava And Mura WAter and Risk Management) is a project focusing on better and more efficient Drava and Mura river basin, flood and general risk management. The Drava River is the fourth largest tributary of the Danube and has numerous hydropower plants (to produce renewable hydro power energy) and other large water management infrastructure installed all over the river basin. The same situation is valid for the Mura River and its tributaries, too. Flood, drought and other risk management without the full, swift and online cooperation and communication of water management authorities and hydropower plants' operators is nearly impossible. Large floods, droughts and other environmental issues (groundwater level, water quality, sediment transport, ecological status and flow) in the past few years have shown that a better communication between water management and hydropower plant operators not only on a national but also on an international level is needed in both river basins.

Through the DAMWARM+ project flow forecasting models for areas where they still do not exist will be developed. The existing operation rules in all four countries will be thoroughly checked and potentially upgraded with the new knowledge and new data based on the latest flow models. These results, together with all existing national flow models will be connected into a new developed transnational and common flow forecasting system for the international Drava and Mura rivers. With the implementation of the DAMWARM+ projects key measures for reaching the goals of both river basin management (as depicted in the national (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary) and transnational (Danube) River Basin Management Plans) and flood risk management (as depicted in the national (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary) and transnational (Danube) Flood Risk Management Plans) will be achieved and transnational and international coordination in both international river basins will be enhanced.

The project was submitted for the Danube Transnational Programme 2nd Call until the 6th of June 2017 - under evaluation

Lead Partner: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia

Partnership: LP + 7 Partners + 6 Associated Strategic Partners

Contact: Luka Stravs (luka.stravsatgov.si)